A love letter to my Motorcycle

A love letter to my Motorcycle

I still remember the day, when at the insistence of a friend, I gathered the courage to enter a Royal Enfield showroom of Pune and book a motorbike. It was a ten month long wait before you finally cruised into of my life. To really own you- well, that took a lot more.
Often I feel I am not the right man for you. I am way too clumsy in general and I still haven’t figured out what you really feel. There are times when you want me to let loose and open the throttle but my fears and inhibitions make it difficult for me to be on par. And then there are those times when you don’t really feel up for a ride and I have to literally kick you to a start. You have no idea how terrible I feel about that!

Our recent adventures took us above and beyond all things we have been through… And there were times when I thought you weren’t giving me enough support when the going got tough. As I later realized, the going got tough for you too. The low presence of oxygen at high altitudes apparently ain’t ideal for you either. Though grudgingly, you stuck around. You didn’t give up on me… And I thank you for that.

As I had said earlier, I always thought you could do better. Hell, you deserve better… But for me, you are everything that I ever wanted. You are the answer to my prayers. I can’t imagine a day without you. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for putting up with me… With my constant demands of you. You are beautiful… You truly are.


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