An Ode to the Traveler in me

An Ode to the Traveler in me

I have always had a tendency to live inside my head. There’s a world that I have created which has its own value system and currency. It’s a place where thoughts ruminate and ideas form. It may sound bizarre but it’s quite normal, really. Well, atleast it is to me. This skill comes in really handy while traveling alone. I have a shell to go back into.

But the real fun is when you meet people on the road. I have always believed that travelers are escapists. They are often running away from something. And hence, are eager to experience new things. There’s an openness about it… A sense of willingness… And therefore, a sense of adventure. And if an experience goes awry, they can just start over again the next day. No major damage done.

On the road, you tend to be more honest – not about your taxes, but your feelings. You don’t mind being anyone, even yourself, because it doesn’t matter if you get judged. You are not likely to see your fellow travelers again. That’s freedom. You tend to smile more and be more kind because it doesn’t hurt to be nice. You have no expectations and therefore no disappointments. And all things that do go well suddenly become more beautiful. You become immortal in stories and memories. You become the reason for a smile. And, in turn, the memories you form make you smile.

What we often forget is that we are just visitors here, in this world. This Lifetime is a vacation between two hells. What if we dared to care a bit more and dared to smile… What if we dared to be more kind, earnestly and honestly. And if things went awry, we just start over again…


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