Preparing your motor bike for a long trip

Preparing your motor bike for a long trip

 Some time ago when I set of from Pune to the far off mountains in the north on my faithful bike, little did I know that it would become one of greatest life changing experience I ever have. I have never been able to give up on the thrill of the long rides since that time. The feeling of the wind on your face with the throbbing of the engine as you ride through the mystical lands of India is something that can only be experienced firsthand.  The seven sisters of Northeast India, the sand dunes of Rajasthan, the coastal highways, the land of the mystical lamas, the land of the thunder dragon are but a few of the places that you should set of to if you haven’t already. But before you saddle up your bike and set off, here are just a few important checks for your bike.

1.       A regular bike service at a service center and oil change doesn’t cut it for long journeys. You need to take some extra precautions.

2.       Regular oil will work just fine for the bike, but if you want better performance and engine longevity, you should consider using semi-synthetic or synthetic oil.

3.       Check your bike’s tires. Make sure there is adequate tread on them and they are not very old. Tire bursts are the most common problem on the long ride, especially on rough terrains. If they seem old or worn out, replace them. Check the tubes as well and carry spares if you can.

4.       Get your bike’s brakes checked. If the brake shoe is close to wearing out replace it. Brakes will get used a lot on mountainous terrain.

5.       Check the bike’s air filter and get it cleaned. Low oxygen levels on high altitudes can cause major problems otherwise.

6.       Get your bike’s shock absorbers inspected to have a smooth ride

7.       Inspect the bike’s chain and rear sprocket for wear and tear, If need be, replace.

8.       The clutch is the most crucial part of the bike, make sure it is in good order.

9.       Check your battery and earthing connections, all the jerks and bumps will only make it worse.

10.   Make sure you take your bike on a small trip after the bike service to check for issues before heading off on the long one.

The human body gets stronger with all the miles it runs, however the machine only gets weaker as the number of miles increases, so take good care of your bike. Get your bike serviced regularly by trained mechanics to keep it in top shape.

And last of all, ride safe, follow the rules and have the time of your life!!! 


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